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Test Anxiety


I have to pass my state boards.  I have failed these twice before.  Can hypnosis help me?



     Most certainly.  I have had many clients who were in a similar situation as you. 

      First of all, I do not speak to a client of “returning to school” but, rather, of “continuing one’s education”.  To speak of returning to school is to place the client’s imagination back into the past, rather than into the future. If that past included discomfort in school and difficulty with studies, the image isn’t helpful.  It is better to leave the past behind, and help a client move forward. 

      However, hypnosis is very effective in clearing the past of anything that might be blocking a person from their studies or passing tests. A professional client of mine was able to pass his Boards once we discovered that what was blocking him was a second grade teacher who had told him, in front of his friends, that he was stupid, and put him in remedial classes. He remained in such classes for the rest of his early schooling.  From then on, he believed himself to be of less intelligent than his peers.  In a hypnotic state, I restructured that unpleasant moment, and had the teacher tell him how intelligent he was. He passed his state boards.  Another client of mine would freeze as soon as she saw the proctor of the exam. She had failed her boards three times and would be given only one more chance, if she was to remain in her profession.  Once we realized that she was seeing, in the proctor, her father whom she could never please, she was able to pass her boards, at last.

      Hypnosis can be used to give suggestions to help with study concentration, increase reading speed and comprehension, expand memory recall, and deal with test anxiety.  Altered-state methods that reach the unconscious/subconscious mind are effective in helping you reach into much more of your own resources so that you can focus on accomplishing what you want for your life.

      I have helped many people pass exams they had failed at several times before - professionals trying to pass their state boards, people being trained for new positions,  actors and others in situations who must memorize a great deal of material, and children having trouble with school.    One of my most pleasurable moments was when a young man who had failed a test at 64%, came for hypnosis before having to re-take the exam. The next day, he passed it at 100%.  I can’t guarantee that kind of result for every client. But I do see amazing results.  This particular client not only was excited about passing, but realized he wasn’t the poor student he thought he was, and now was determined to be in the top ten percent of his class.  He succeeded in doing so.

      It is very exciting for me to see the results that are possible when more of our mental abilities are tapped into. Below is what one of my clients experienced.

"I have finally passed my exams.  My memory, focus and recall improved during my study and during the tests themselves.  I was not afraid of the examiners or the situation as I had been previously."






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