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Del Morrill, M.S. C.C.H


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Success Sabotage


      Despite the wonderful successes and steps I've made, I feel like there's something subconscious that is limiting my ability to truly succeed.  For me this means embracing life with a positive attitude, being satisfied with where I'm at, and having goals for myself that I'm excited about. What I notice most is that physically I am constantly tense. I'm hunching my shoulders or at the very least pulling them up (something I never used to do), and essentially guarding myself physically. I find it difficult to do tasks or complete what I start.  I keep putting off things and seem to lack any motivation.  I would like to pull from my subconscious whatever it is that I happen to be protecting and deal with it. I would like to be able to relax, release, and be free of these restrictions I have somehow self-imposed.


     I’ve worked a lot with men and women who want to be successful, but find it is difficult, and even impossible, for them.  The surface reasons vary from feeling blocked in making cold calls on potential customers, the habit of procrastination, difficulty in getting to work or otherwise starting the day, not completing assignments or following up on work begun, stage-fright in facing groups or in interviews, and other obvious “symptoms”.  Some not-so-obvious, and deeper, reasons can be a built-in negative attitude about prosperity, lack of confidence in learning anything new or meeting new people, fear of change or challenges, miscomprehension of other’s attitudes toward them, and many other underlying and limiting attitudes. 

      Hypnotic methods are designed to guide the client into his or her deep resources, and release those abilities on a more constant and practical level.  Positive suggestions reinforce confidence, thus encouraging the client to move forward with a much stronger belief in one self. These methods include seeking the underlying and initiating cause of the presenting symptom of lack of success, and getting rid of the blocks seemingly being thrown in the path of the client.           





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