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Succeeding in Business

I really want to succeed in my business, but I feel like I often sabotage my own efforts. Is this possible? Am I more afraid of success than I am of failure? And, if so, is there anything that a hypnotherapist could do to deal with this problem?

In seeking success, hypnotherapy works in partnership with your subconscious (or unconscious) mind, which is a storehouse of experience and perceptions. The hypnotherapist offers strong, affirming suggestions that are designed to enhance your self-esteem and encourage your ability to move forward. Ultimately they affect your level of confidence and the actions you take. Regarding the problem of failing, I have found that most fears of failure are like a two-sided sword, in which the other blade is fear of success. Therefore, as a hypnotherapist and counselor, I work with both when a client comes to me for success in their business, or in anything else in their life. Hypnosis can help you in several ways. One of the most important is to discover why the saboteur is so strong within you. It might be the fear of losing. If one doesn't try, then one won't lose. Of course, they won't win either. Or, perhaps it is fear of the responsibility that success will demand. "To those who have much, more will be given." Perhaps the fear of succeeding comes from early, negative images of success, money, and getting ahead in life. Hypnosis can help you identify your underlying thinking, or experiences that have led to it. Once that is determined, then your hypnotherapist can help remove the obstacle, and give you positive suggestions that counteract such ideas. Hypnotic suggestions can also encourage motivation, confidence, release creativity, assist in planning, prioritization, and other organization. It can help you bring a new focus to what you desire in your life.





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