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Stuttering and Hypnosis

I have suffered from stuttering my entire life. I have been to speech therapy on two different occasions and it only seemed to increase the problem. I truly believe that hypnotherapy will be able to end my stuttering as well as give me more self-confidence. If you are qualified for this sort of therapy and have performed it before please reply to this email. If you are not experienced in this matter but can refer someone to me I would greatly appreciate it. Dear Del, I've been hypnotized on several occasions, most recently for weight loss. I've kept my weight off for three years. What I can't understand is why I can't get anyone to hypnotize me for stuttering. I'm sure it would work for me because I believe it would work. I figure if it worked so well on my weight, then it ought for my stuttering.

I have no answer to why you haven't been able to locate someone who is willing to hypnotize you for stuttering. Certainly, hypnosis can be extremely effective for any speech problem. Both of you are quite willing to be hypnotized and believe in its power. You've already won more than half the battle, due to your belief systems. I work with all kinds of learning issues, including such things as verbal difficulties like stuttering. It's interesting to me that when someone who stutters is hypnotized, and I ask a question, they will respond without stuttering. The hypnotic trance removes the impediment of insecurity and lack of confidence, as well as expectations of other people's responses to how someone speaks. Keep looking for a hypnotherapist who will work with this, especially one who isn't afraid of getting to the reason for the stuttering, and knows how to release it. They're out there somewhere. If you can't find one, then perhaps it's worthwhile to hop on a plane and get yourself to my office!





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