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Specialty Recordings (Customized)


I stumbled across your site while researching hypnotherapy on the Internet and would like to find out a little more about your customized recording services. I suffer chronic anxiety and panic attacks and recently purchased a light and sound machine and several hypno-peripheral CDs. My initial response to this has been good, and I am intrigued at the idea of having a custom tape to deal with my anxiety/panic disorders -- any insight you could give would be appreciated.

One related question -- I have suddenly found myself to be overwhelmed with negative, obsessive imagery at night about terrorist attacks. This has come out of the blue and seems to correspond to the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms I have read about. Is it possible that the light-sound machine could have elicited this response in me?


Below is the info you wanted re: the custom recordings.  Let me know if you want to proceed.  As to the question re: light machine, I wish I knew how to answer that.  Hypnotic work can bring things to the surface that have been hidden, so it is possible that putting yourself into a trance state through such a machine might have brought what was already there to the surface. If there is any way you can seek out a hypnotherapist in your area, you  might be able to do some work in dealing with that successfully.

This is the process for ordering a custom tape:

1.  A check, money order, or credit card number-name on card-expiration date for $_____ US is to be sent to TRANSITIONS, 3217 North Mason Avenue, Tacoma WA 98407 USA.  Make sure your address, phone number and e-mail address are included.

2.  When the money is received at this end, we send you a packet with a few forms that you fill out as fully as possible, and return to us.  This is used by me to determine the best type of material to put on your own special tape. It also helps me to let me know whether you want music background, nature sounds, or no extra sound at all.

4.  I include a sheet on how to use the recording, and a sheet for your feedback.






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