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Some Basics on Hypnosis


     I have to do a presentation on hypnosis tomorrow.  Would it be all right if I emailed you a few questions then, if you have the time to write a couple quick answers I would be grateful.  If this is ok, wonderful, if not, I understand. I realize that I’ve contacted you extremely late and didn't give much leeway. If you have the time, here are a couple quick questions: (any, if only one, you chose to answer would be wonderful!) Thank you for all your help and effort in this!


   How/why did you get involved in the hypnosis field?

   Why do you think it works where other methods may fail?

   I understand it utilizes the subconscious mind, but what part of the brain exactly is this?  What does it alter/effect?

   How does/can the conscious mind remember unconscious thoughts?  Where is the link? How do they work together, or against each other?

   Explain how hypnosis is like 'spacing out'?  For example when one misses their turn when driving down the road.



     My answers will be brief, and probably incomplete, due to time pressures. I got into the practice from my own healing of serious physical issues and mental stress.  I believe I'm a better therapist, due to this fact. 

     I've done talk therapy long enough to realize that it basically deals with the conscious mind.  The hope is that if you talk long enough something will break through. With respect for all counselors, from my perspective, talk therapy often takes too long; and a lot of the time, it brings about possible enlightenment on an issue, but the client doesn’t experience any change regarding that issue.  I have found that real change happens at the SUBconscious level of the mind (about 95+ part of the mind, as a matter of fact).  That's where the real urges, habits, motivations, and decisions in life actually lie.  There are those who might disagree, but I feel that if you don't change things at that level, you are left with nothing but possible short-term motivation and temporary changes.

      I call myself a personal guide and hypnotherapist, because I find that hypnotic methods are really helpful at getting at the causes of symptoms, and at changing the basic "programming" that is causing a particular problem.  The counseling part of my sessions helps people to understand themselves better, become more aware of their issues, and to be more of a participant in their healing process.

     There is an interchange between the conscious and subconscious mind, of course.  You had to learn to walk, as a child.  It became automatic, after first being a very conscious act.  The automatic habit is what your subconscious mind picks up and does for you, so that you don't have to think of every little action.  However, if you were out on a walk, not having to think about every little step you take, you would suddenly become more conscious of walking if you came to a broken up sidewalk that you had to skirt around.  The same cross-over happens when you meet someone after some time, and their name comes to your mind--you're not always thinking of that person, or their name, all the time, only when you meet them - so up comes their name from your memory bank, which also is handled by the subconscious (or unconscious) mind. 

     All of the other stuff about you - your cultural identity, the ethics and morals you've been taught, the automatic functions of your body, and a million other things, are handled by your SC, or deeper, mind, without you having to think about it all. If you had to carry it all at the conscious-awareness level, you'd go nuts!

     Imagination is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious/subconscious mind. In other words, what you imagine is what you achieve.  If you think you’re stupid and can't do anything well, then that's the kind of person you are likely to become.  If you've been encouraged throughout your life to "win", and you believe that, then guess what? You'll win in most things you do.

     That's all I have time for now.  If you would go to my site, and read my Q & A's to THERAPISTS, and the ASK DEL section, plus any of my articles or the articles of others, you would probably find answers to most of the questions you have.






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