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Recovering Unpleasant Memories

I have had a problem since I was a child. I have certain "memories" that until recently I've passed off as a child's imagination, but I have now begun to believe may be real. I was wondering if hypnotherapy would be able to distinguish between real memory and imagination. These memories are frightening, and I need to discover whether or not they are real.

I do not know what your memories are about, but if they are frightening, then it would seem to be important to find out their significance. Obviously I am not here to do that for you. But I can suggest that you find a good hypnotherapist in your area -- especially one who is also a counselor. An especial benefit to you would be someone who deals in healing the past, or in dealing with past trauma. Hypnotherapy, and its accompanying counseling, can definitely help you to sort out what is real and unreal from your earlier years. The subconscious, or unconscious, levels of your mind can clarify the memories for you. They may have been real incidents, or they may have been certain remarks or situations that were misunderstood as a child. Either way, you would probably face far less fear in having them revealed, than in carrying this unknown any longer. Your best bet is a hypnotherapist who is known to do excellent regression work back to childhood, or even the womb, or further. Make sure of their ability to do this, how long they have been practicing, and whether they also counsel, should it be necessary. Not every hypnotherapist has that capability. More important is the skill of knowing what to do once you are regressed to whatever is causing your discomfort, in order to clarify it and release it. Please feel free to go to my ,a href='http://www.hypnocenter.com/favlinks.htm'>Favorite Links page where you will find sites which include significant directories of hypnotherapists across the globe.





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