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Del Morrill, M.S. C.C.H


A Center for Counseling & Hypnosis
Tacoma, Washington, USA
(253) 752-1506

Recordings for Depression and Anxiety

I was browsing your web site, and I am interested in your custom-made tapes. I DO have a couple of problems that I would like to work on. I get depressed from time to time, and am increasingly anxious. My mind seems to focus on negative thoughts, and I find it hard to concentrate on positive things. Also, I would like to know in what way your recording, NEW BEGINNINGS, would be helpful to me.

I am pleased that you have the confidence in me to contact me about these matters. I am most happy to create a custom-made tape. When you are ready to begin, let me know. I send you an intake form, which helps me know what problems you are concerned about, what your goals are, and something about yourself that helps me target my suggestions the best possible way to meet your needs. About my recording, NEW BEGINNINGS, it is especially designed to help you get rid of anything that may be inadvertently blocking you from the change you want in your life. We carry the past in our subconscious minds. Sometimes there are things we hang on to that no longer help us from that past, and need to be "dumped." This recording also helps you move forward into change in your life, positive approaches, and success in what you endeavor. It is because we so often fear change that this recording was originally made. Therefore, it is a good recording to use before beginning hypnosis sessions on specific issues or for general malaise. However, it is not expected to take the place of the assistance a qualified hypnotherapist and counselor can give. A good trio for you is the NB recording, a custom-made tape suited specifically to you, and some hypnosis sessions that can get to the source of your anxiety and depression. It is important to get a good hypnotherapist who can go beyond merely giving suggestions for change. Someone who specializes in regression work to the source of issues, and has the ability to know what to do once you get there to release the problem, would be especially suited to help you with the issues which you struggle.





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