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Overcoming Stage Fright?

Despite what I do, I just can't seem to get over my stage fright. If I know ahead I am going to have to give a report or other presentation, I go into a panic and am nervous for weeks before the occasion. I even get upset when I have to give my name in a group. Can hypnosis help me with this problem?

Well, you are not alone. Stage fright is one of the most paralyzing fears for the majority of people. It can range from anxiety about an upcoming pubic event to outright panic that keeps building. For some people, the fear can be so debilitating that no matter how much one prepares the fear is constant. Sometimes, I wonder if that isn't due to being expected to answer questions correctly in the classroom from the time one begins school. For some, perhaps there were times when a person's word was greeted by ridicule; for another, it might be from too much pressure to succeed; or for another, an over-demanding parent may have caused an unconscious fear of failing. Whatever the reason, fear of speaking or performing in front of others can be conquered. Hypnosis can be effective in assisting people in conquering fears and anxieties, especially related to being in front of other people. This can include people who have to give a speech, give a report before their peers, perform on stage, or even make an announcement. Sometimes this even extends to athletes who must do well in their sport in front of others. A qualified hypnotherapist is able to help you counteract your fear by using various methods: by giving suggestions that can counteract the fear and build self confidence; by identifying some event that may have either caused or intensified the fear; and by having you "walk through" expected situations before they happen. Depending upon the intensity of the fear, usually between two to five sessions is all that is needed to uncover the cause, release it, and introduce positive suggestions. You do not have to be paralyzed by your past experiences.





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