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New Year's Resolutions & Weight Control


Del, I am 31 years old, 5’ 3” and weigh 229 lbs.  I am appalled at that. It is the most I’ve weighed in my life. I’ve tried diets, even Weight Watchers, but I seem to keep going back to the “old routine”. I find myself in the drive thru at fast food restaurants without fully realizing I’d gone there; it’s become automatic. Or, I’ll go up to talk to someone at their desk at work and they’ll have a dish of M&Ms and I’ll grab a few and pop it in my mouth before I realize I’ve done it. Sometimes I can convince myself to NOT go eat junk food, but a lot of times I just simply don’t realize I’ve done it until afterwards, and then I’m asking myself “Why did you do that? You KNOW you are trying to lose weight!” I’m at my wits end. My mother is diabetic (diagnosed when she was in her teens), so I’m already at risk.

Added to my stress about being overweight is that I am supposed to be getting married in less than a year. While this is certainly a good amount of time to get it in gear and lose weight, I am realizing, now that I am 100+ lbs overweight, that I need serious help.

I need help. Can you help me? What is your weight program like?



I have worked on myself by creating a hypnotic tape and found it was the only way I could change my habits radically and easily. I have had hypnosis before, but the hypnotists usually had their own ideas about why I had the weight on me, and it was usually just surface stuff, like habits I'd developed.  They had not reached into why the habits in the first place.  Since I did my own hypnosis by listing everything I knew about why I might have the weight on me and then counteracted that on my recording, the changes in me are remarkable.  It’s several years later and I have not returned to those habits. I eat 1/3 less, and have dropped 80 pounds, simply by paying attention to what might be  related to my own over-weight problems.   I work the same way with my clients.

In dealing with over (or under) weight, before the first visit I send a number of forms for the client to fill out.  Clients either mayh find this annoying or, as most claim, very enlightening in terms of their journey. These forms are designed to help the intake go more smoothly, and to supply me with helpful information about you and your history.

The first visit is an intake, in which we spend between 1-3/4 to 2 hours together.  I ask more questions about your background and your habits so that I can create a program specific, for you.

At our next session, we go over the program, and usually have our first hypnosis session.  Minimum time is 5 sessions after the intake; for extreme weight needs, it can be longer.  If someone has just recently gained 10#, and rarely has had to struggle with weight, then they probably aren't going to need that many.  However, if there is something going on in a person's life that is causing them to gorge, turn to food for comfort or reward, or other emotional needs, then the 5 sessions are a minimum.  Only on very rare occasions have I found one session sufficient, when it comes to weight control. 

If you want a hypnotist who will just give you suggestions about how you will eat or not eat, etc., then it would be wise for you to seek out someone else.  Anyone who comes to me must be willing to deal with underlying issues related to the over or under weight, should there be any.

During those weeks together, if it appears that eating habits aren't automatically being corrected by hypnotic suggestions alone, then I check with your subconscious mind (deeper self, wisdom self, higher consciousness - whatever you want to call it) as to where the problem lies.  I have a big "tool-kit" so I usually find something will work to uncover whatever is necessary. And it happens for the client at conscious and unconscious levels. However, the client doesn't have to know what the reason is, for it can happen in a way that allows you to understand it at a subconscious level.  Either way, you are released to absorb the suggestions for changes easily and with happy results.

I don't promote a special "diet" you must follow, but am most willing to support a healthy program if you are on one (like Weight Watchers, OEA, etc.).  My methods and suggestions are such that your changes should come easily and naturally, without feeling deprived.






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