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Lost and Found

I need some advice. A young woman called me to say that she'd lost her engagement ring, and she's beside herself with worry. It was on her nightstand in the morning. She thought she put it, and in the afternoon it was gone. She says it doesn't fall off. She doesn't remember if perhaps she had taken it off because it was getting in her way when she was running errands. How should I go about the session; what to we address first? Any help would be gratefully accepted. Thanks.

I've had a few people come to me over the years trying to find things; this is what I've discovered works best for me. After some induction, I have the client visualize where they last saw the ring - look around the bedstand on all sides, on the floor, and under the bed, in any drawer connected with it. Look under the covers of the bed, including lifting the pillow. Then, I continue to dialogue with the person from the time they last remember having the ring on. Have them walk through every step with questions like: What were you doing just before that? And what did you do next? Where did you go? In what part of the house (or office)? etc. If your client doesn't do well with verbal dialogue, then use ideomotor questioning (lifting finger, or the like). This requires a lot more questioning than when dialoguing: Did you walk into the next room? Are you by your bed? etc. After this, if nothing has come forth during the session, I give suggestions that, during the next week (or next few days) it will suddenly dawn on her where her ring is, provided it is still in her keeping somewhere. (If it's been stolen, or thrown into the garbage by mistake, there is NOTHING you can do about it.) I assure the client, when they emerge, that often they will be able to remember later, not necessarily during the session. I hope I expressed this clearly enough to catch some idea of how I've proceeded with this type of problem. Good luck, and let me know how it goes for you.





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