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Job Stress & Confidence


Hi Del, There's a couple of things that I am hoping hypnotherapy would help me with.  I recently took a new job as a supervisor. I am struggling with the new added responsibility and authority I have been given.  I have been doing this new job for a year now and the stress and anxiety seems to get worse as the time goes on.  I am lacking the self confidence I need to do the job well.  I have almost quit the job twice but for some reason I am not quite ready to throw in the towel.  I am very uncomfortable in large groups where I have to get up and talk in front of them or just actively participate.  I also have a lot of anxiety of going to social functions and being able to relax and converse with other people there.  I would rather stay home because of the anxiety.  With my new job, I am finding myself having to deal with this more and I am not dealing with it well.  I am not sure if management is not for me or if my fears and phobias are getting in the way of my success.  Do you think hypnotherapy can help with this? 


            Definitely, I know that hypnotherapy will help you.  I’ve worked with many clients on becoming much more comfortable and confident in their jobs, whether new or not.  Also, I’ve worked with many on stage fright, successfully, and in a relatively short time. 

            It takes time to get used to added responsibility in new positions.  It requires a different outlook than when you are working for other people, rather than having others work for you.  Sometimes stress comes because an employee continues to see and do things the way they did in their previous work, so they end up adding more tasks to their day than they need to. They must learn to delegate responsibility, and learn just what they can trust to those under their authority, and how to assist their employees to do better jobs.  Usually, having more responsibility and having authority over others means having to take a broader view, and less time with mundane tasks that others can do.  So my first advice, if you haven’t already done so, is to find a course on good management skills, and take it as soon as possible to hone your new skills.

            In terms of hypnosis, those techniques can build your confidence; put you more at ease whether speaking in front of others or attending social functions; and help you to feel more comfortable in handling your new tasks and relationships.  There are methods that can release you from fear, as well as the source of your fears.  Hypnotic methods can even help you be more intuitively successful in relating to those who work for you, and in finding solutions to problems that arise between people in the working place.

            I wish you well in your fairly new job. Let me know how you do, and whether I can help further.









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