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Irritation over Job


I am thinking about visiting a hypnotist to help me with a job-related anxiety issue. For financial reasons, I need to return to work in a role that is difficult for me to accept. The job is several levels beneath my abilities and will force me to perform job functions that will leave me irritable and anxious. Based on a similar previous experience (in which I was released for my inability to keep my irritation controlled), I know that I will be very anxious during the course of my employment. Since I ABSOLUTELY MUST accept the position and, more importantly, MUST BE able to keep it to avoid financial damage, I am hoping to control my irritation and anxiety with hypnosis. Is this issue something that you can help me handle through hypnosis?


I have worked with this type of issue during my 27 years of using hypnotic methods with my counseling, and have found these methods effective with most people. Hypnosis allows you to get to the deeper issues behind your difficulty in controlling your irritation and anxiety.  This seems to have been a problem even when you had a better job than what you are now accepting. I am assuming, therefore, that this has nothing to do with the type of job you will have, or have had, but with you, yourself. You don’t say what triggers your irritation, but I imagine that something deeper within makes it difficult for you to deal with situations and people, especially when working closely. Hypnosis not only gets at the source or the beginning cause of your “short fuse”, but it allows a “reprogramming” that helps you handle yourself more easily regardless of what you face.  It also can instill a peacefulness within, and give you methods that control the anxiety.





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