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My family just had the weekend we wished hadn't happened. My wonderful, beautiful, 10 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, and will need to inject insulin from now on. I wish I knew how to help her through this, because it must be done daily, and not in a comfortable place. Do you have any suggestions?


I'm so sorry about your beautiful granddaughter, and she'll be included in my most positive thoughts for her best care of recovery.  I'm including, below, something I sent to parents years ago, when their daughter was in a similar situation.  It's an idea given to me by my own "masters" teacher, Dr. Winkler, who had a great deal of success with physical healings using hypnotic and other imaginative processes with children. Hopefully, it will either bring healing, or it will, at the least, give your granddaughter a sense of being in control, and make the shots a little easier to handle. I would be interested in hearing results from you later on.

DIABETES MELLITUS (Distance Therapy)

This session was done by correspondence with an Australian family for their young daughter suffering from Type 1 (Insulin Dependent).  She was receiving insulin shots into the abdominal area 6 times a day.  Her father has been a counselor for some years. This is the simple 7-step process I recommended:

The Soldiers and the Battle

The subconscious mind responds well to images  and stories.  If your daughter is good with her imagination, and likes stories, try the following:

1.  In front of your daughter, draw on a piece of paper a large girl figure. (It can be a stick figure with a thicker body.)  Draw 5 little stick figures on the stomach of the girl figure.  Tell her that these are enemy soldiers.

2.  Then draw 6 little stick figures on the shoulders of the girl figure, 3 to a side.  Tell her that these are her own soldiers.  They are the good ones, and are fighting for what is right.  They are stronger than the enemy soldiers.  They have better armor, and they fight for good health.  They are so strong that they are able to conquer diabetes and any other bad thing that attacks her body.

(Obviously, I chose the stomach because that is where you are placing the needle, even though it is the pancreas that is the issue.  However, if you prefer, the soldiers can be placed in the area of the body more akin to the pancreas).

3.  Next, tell her to close her eyes, and take three nice long deep breaths, holding each one a few seconds, and then slowly exhaling.

4.  She is to imagine her soldiers coming off of her shoulders and going to her stomach to fight the enemy.  She is to see them fight the enemy soldiers.

5.  With her eyes still closed, you ask her to tell you just how many of the enemy are now gone, and how many are left.  She is then to imagine her own soldiers returning to her shoulders, to await the next battle. I realize some people don’t like war , but diabetes is a war on the body, so look at it that way, rather than a world confrontation.

6.  You then tell her, while her eyes are still closed, that every time she is to receive the insulin shot, she is to imagine this same thing.  She then is to tell you how many enemy soldiers are still left.  She is to do this until there are no more enemy soldiers. 

7.  When there are no more left, take her to the doctor for another test.






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