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Insect Phobia


Hi. I live in Australia. I have an intense phobia of Insects, more specifically cockroaches, so much so that I will often pass out or cause myself, or others in my immediate vicinity, harm as I react. I laugh and make a joke of it, but my reactions to seeing said cockroaches have been becoming more intense. I will often faint for about 10 minutes after seeing a live bug close to me, only 5 if it's dead. It has become debilitating! If I see so much as a piece of plastic or leaf that so much as resembles a bug, I get dizzy and need to sit down. I have tried medication, it didn't work.  I have tried to ignore them, not easy considering the place I live.. The roaches here are as big as a small child, and the damn things fly too!
I only have hypnotism left, but I know for a fact that I am very un-hypnotisable... Trust issues...
And there hypnotists in my area of Australia are very scarce. I have searched for audio online, but they don't seem to be working... What should I do?

       I’m so sorry that you are in a situation that causes such discomfort. I think you must set aside the idea you can’t be hypnotized and find someone to help you.  I suspect, underneath your insistence that you can’t, you do think you can be hypnotized, or you wouldn’t be writing to me, a hypnotist.  Hypnosis is a very natural thing, so put away all ideas that television and movies and stage hypnotists have fed you about what to expect.  You can be in a very light state, just simply relaxed a bit, and still receive a lot of help.

     Here is something you can do for yourself while you seek more professional help.  As you are getting ready to sleep, or awakening from it, imagine that you are holding a soft, warm, cuddly and furry animal. Notice how wonderful it feels. Name it “Bugsy”.  And then imagine that the fur disappears and what you are holding is a big bug.  Now try to let yourself feel the same way you felt with the furry animal.  Keep doing this every night before sleep or just when you wake up in the morning, while safely in bed (these are the times you are most receptive to positive suggestion and the hypnotic state), and notice your feelings,

letting them subside more and more until the fear disappears.






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