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Hypnosis while Sleeping?


       My husband and I have been listening to some hypnotherapy CDs in the evening and thought this might be a good tool to use with our children. I "googled" hynposis/hypnotherapy and came across one of your articles, which was very helpful.  I also spent quite a bit of time reading other articles/sites on the subject but still have two questions that have not been addressed.             

1.  While listening to the hypnotherapy CDs, my husband often sounds like he is sleeping, but wakes up on cue.  I understand that hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation.  Is he really sleeping?  And if you do fall asleep during hypnosis, are you still hypnotized and is it still effective?            

2.  With that in mind, could I use a hypnotherapy CD for my children and play it for them once they are already asleep in bed? 


            Often I have clients look and sound like they are asleep, when hypnotized, and they believe they are; however, if you were really asleep you wouldn’t hear someone count you out unless you were almost shouting or were a supremely light sleeper.  Whatever the case, I’m one of these people who doesn’t happen to believe that you can’t receive hypnotic suggestions if you’re asleep.  I don’t know where that idea originated.  If you think of it, why in the world would the subconscious mind, which has no concept of time nor needs to in order to function, “go to sleep”? When I was trying to pass my board exams I put my info on a tape and played in on my continuous play machine; I handled my exams just fine. 

            Dreaming is a form of hypnotic trance, which, of course, is done while sleeping.  Therefore, I would imagine a HT CD for your children would be beneficial.  I’m pleased that you wish to make use of this wonderful method and with your children, as well with yourselves.





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