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Helping with Problems Beyond Habits

You have mentioned how hypnosis can help me break habits, but can it help me with more complex problems in my life?

I'm not sure just what problems you are referring to, so I can't get very specific here. I do know from a lot of experience that hypnosis, and other methods that work with altered states (states different from the awake state or the asleep state), has proven to be highly effective in quickly getting at the root of one's fears, or other problems. Hypnosis can be used to give positive suggestions for change; but it can also be used to actually seek out what is the cause of the problem, or what is blocking the change you desire. In uncovering a cause, hypnosis can be used to then release whatever is causing the problem. It might be through mere suggestion to the unconscious mind to seek out whatever the problem is and get rid of it, or it might be through regressing to some incident that is key to understanding the problem. Once the problem is discovered in that manner, then there are ways to enable a transformation that can release you to move on in your life. Seemingly uncontrollable fears, compulsions, depression and other frustrating conditions and situations can be greatly alleviated, or at the very least, coped with through the art of hypnotherapy. When hypnosis is used to deal with problems and making changes in peoples' lives, it is called "hypnotherapy". This distinguishes it from stage hypnosis and the like. Knowing how to get to the source of an issue, and, especially, what to do with an issue once it is discovered is a very important skill-- and not necessarily part of every hypnotist's abilities. It is really important to make sure you have a hypnotherapist who is qualified to deal with resolving the problems you are concerned about. Some hypnotherapists are skilled with dealing with basic habits, such as smoking, nail biting, etc. by giving positive suggestions that cut over against certain habits. However, they may not be skilled with going to the source of problems to release them. Don't be embarrassed to ask questions of any hypnotherapist you talk to. You have a right to the best care possible for the issues with which seek some solution.





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