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Healing a Broken Heart


I am sending this email to you because I am desperate. I need help to get over a situation that I am going through at this point of my life. I had a relationship that lasted for almost 3 years and my boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago. It seems like I can’t get enough strength to get over this, even when I know that is why I need to do because there is no way to fix or save this relationship. It was a beautiful relation ship but he decided to end it because of his own reasons. This has damaged me extremely bad and I can’t handle this anymore. I fell into an abyss that I don’t know how to get out. I can’t keep my mind away from thinking of all this pain and how much I want to stop it by ending with my life. I haven’t tried to do anything but I am scared of losing control. Please, I need to know if this kind of therapy could help me with my situation. I don’t know what else anymore. I have seen psychologist and even got a prescription for anti- depressive pills but didn’t seem to help at all. Please help me if you can.


    First of all, you do need to be with someone locally who will help you keep from doing something rash, when you have so many good years ahead of you, even if you don’t believe it right now. Hypnosis is an effective tool in working with grief and loss, whether it is loss by death, a broken relationship, suddenly being out of work, or moving to another location against one’s wishes.  It is not a tool to make you forget, but it helps ease the pain and allows you to get perspective and take action that moves you forward in your life.

    Instead of remaining in the past, brooding over what has happened and no longer exists, hypnosis suggestions help that part of you who has experienced such pain, to understand that you are not really there in that experience any longer.  All of it now is just a group of memories –thoughts that have no power over you, unless you let them. 

   With the help of a hypnotherapist, you can make new decisions, and have hope in your own future.  Hypnosis gets at your deepest levels to restore your self-confidence, and to release any fear of future abandonment, which is quite common in such an incident as yours. A hypnotherapist who is also a counselor can be especially effective in helping you.





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