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Feeling Out of Control


          I would like to know if hypnotherapy can help me. I am a nervous wreck. I smoke like a trooper.  I suffer from major temper tantrums which leave me feeling less than desirable especially around my 3 year old. I would rather sleep than confront my world. I just about get myself to work and back five days a week and so I'm a functional nutcase in that I can support myself and my son at least financially. I see a psychiatrist who provides me with medicine, and I'm supposed to see my therapist bi-weekly but I find myself dodging these appointments as it is difficult for me to confront my own reality, never mind discuss it with a total stranger. As a result of my lack of self esteem and the feeling that my life is spinning out of control, I am having difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with people who love me. Help me if you can I'm feeling irritable!


                  Thanks for writing to me.  I'm very sorry you're having such a difficult time.  First of all, it’s good that you can at least support yourself and your daughter, right now.  However, for the sake of your child, who no doubt is feeling the result of your own current emotional situation and could end up the same way when he's older, you need, immediately, to get yourself to a counselor who uses hypnosis to help her/his clients. 

             The counseling can assist you in clarifying what is happening to you, discuss any events surrounding or previous to your situation, and help you to find ways to cope, at a conscious level.  The hypnotic work is extremely helpful, at the subconscious or unconscious level, in seeking out the imprints causing your emotional downward spiral, and in re-programming your inner mind to come at life in a far more positive way. 

             You may be avoiding your therapist because, at a deeper level, you’re aware that something more than just “talking” is needed for you to move forward.  Hypnosis is helpful to you in feeling in control of your life, in building your self-esteem, in controlling your temper, in adjusting your sleep patterns, and in instilling more energy into your mind and body so that you feel less lethargic and more capable of making decisions and taking action.

             Not just any hypnotherapist is for you.  Although some HTs might disagaree with me, I feel that you need someone skilled with handling deeper emotional issues that require a combination of counseling and hypnosis skills.  Many hypnotherapists are good at giving suggestions for behavioral change, but are not trained to do this kind of work.  It sounds to me as if you need someone who can get at the deeper level to find and release whatever is blocking you from moving ahead in your life. 

             I wish you well, with the hope you will let me know how you are doing.





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