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Fear of Driving


          About 6 years ago, I began having severe panic attacks, which led to agoraphobia. Over the following years, I have managed to control panic attacks to the point where I no longer have them (I did this without medication because I don't want to be dependent on it). I still have fears related to the agoraphobia, though.  For example, I have fears about driving on the freeway because I’m afraid I will either vomit, or have a heart attack, or have some tragic physical ailment while driving. I force myself to drive on the freeway most of the time (a few times I haven't), but it's a struggle the whole way. I just want to enjoy driving to my destination without wondering if I'm going to die. Sounds funny to me, but once I get on the freeway my mind instantly goes to the some thoughts.  What can I do to stop this thinking?


           Thanks for writing to me about this problem.  Hypnosis is extremely helpful with any kind of phobia, and can help you conquer your fears in a surprisingly speedy time.  Locate a hypnotherapist near you who specializes in going to the source of your fears, and knows what to do when they "get there." Once you locate the reason, get it "cleared" and able to imagine yourself driving safely, you'll find yourself being able to handle things more and more easily.             

            Believe me, your particular driving fear is very common --there are many more people with increasing fears of driving, especially on fast-paced highways, than there used to be.  Its understandable, considering the craziness of drivers now.  However, I have been in a couple of accidents, and though nervous at first after them, I find myself relatively comfortable, though watchful, when I drive anywhere. You can be too.






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