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#1 - I am an adult who has dyslexia. I am trying to get help with it, so that can help my son with his home work, and so that I do not have to relay on other people for spelling (like now). It is so frustrating; and, at my age, it is embarrassing.  Can you help me?

# 2 - I have an 8 year old granddaughter who is borderline dyslexic and  ADHD. She takes Adderall twice a day and it helps a lot. However, I would like to know if you think hypnosis would help with this problem in anyway. She needs some extra help managing her hyperactivity. Do you have any suggestions or anything that I could do to help her ? 


   In respond to both questions, hypnosis can be helpful for so many things, including dyslexia with children AND adults.  I've had good success with Dyslexia, although less success with ADHD. 

   fIt's not easy to find hypnotherapists who work with children, effectively, let alone ADHD. You’ll want to check with any hypnotherapist you call to make sure they are trained to handle dyslexia, and, with the child, whether they work with children.

   In the meantime, here are a couple of suggestions that may be helpful to the child: In terms of the hyperactivity, find a Tai Chi instructor, or a yoga instructor who works with children.  She may be able to express herself and get out some nervous energy by participating in something like that, or in one of the other types of martial arts classes. 

   Regarding dyslexia, since this has to do with a more “picture-oriented” mind, you might get her an oversized journal and encourage her to "draw" what her day has been like, at the end of each day - expressing what happened, and how she felt about it.  This may release her creativity without forcing her into having to write or print letters which tend to be jumbled up for the dyslexic person.  It also gives her a chance to get out any frustration and delights which may be difficult for her to express.   





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