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Do you lose control under Hypnosis?


I have a few questions that are driving me crazy. If someone under hypnosis isn't told to snap out of it, would they, at some point, be restored back to their original state eventually? I can't understand how someone can go from a sleeping state, like when someone has their head down and looks in a relaxed, sleepful state, to a conscious state when suggested by a hypnotist. How can they not be in control of themselves and be molded like a puppet without snapping out of it on their own? I'm a very on guard and suspicious type of person that questions things constantly. It's my nature. I'm usually in control of myself and even like this under the influence of alcohol. When in a dream like state or zoning, I will wake up out of it quickly and not remain like that for very long. I just don't understand how a hypnotist's voice can have so much affect on me where I'm dependent on it for my actions. Could you clarify this for me which would be greatly appreciated?


From your questions, it sounds to me as if you might have been hypnotized at some time, rather unexpectedly, and find yourself frustrated at feeling you weren’t in control.  Let me clarify, rather briefly, some misunderstandings about hypnosis.

1.  When hypnotized, you are asleep. Rather than asleep, depending upon how deeply you go, you are somewhere between being fully awake and fully asleep.

2.  The hypnotist is in control of your mind. The best clients for hypnosis, I have found, are those who believe themselves to be very much in control.  This is because, once they understand hypnosis, they realize that they, themselves, are controlling how much they will receive and what they will not receive of the suggestions being given by the hypnotist. The hypnotherapist is merely a guide, helping you into your own deeper mind’s resources to help you reach your goal.

3.  You will lose control of what you do not want known (“Pandora’s” box of secrets will come out) when you are hypnotized. Since you are the one in control, then that would be impossible. If asked questions, while hypnotized, you will answer only that which you wish to answer, and withhold what you don’t need discussed.

4.  You might not come awake, if hypnotized. No way!  The most that might happen, if you are enjoying it so much that you want to stay in that state, is that you will simply fall asleep and come awake when ready.  My experience of 26 years doing hypnosis has shown me that usually my clients come awake (emerge) when I count from 1-5.  They are clear-headed, fully awake, able to discuss the session if they wish, and can drive safely home. If they do not, then I count again and tap on their foot, and they emerge quite well.

You asked, “How can a hypnotist’s voice have so much me where I’m dependent on it for my actions.”  As the above reveals, you are not, in any way, dependent upon the hypnotist for your actions.  Your actions will be only what you wish. A good hypnotherapist finds out what you need and want, and then designs the suggestions that will most accomplish those wishes, and nothing more.  You cannot do anything you do not wish to do, regardless of whether or not you have been hypnotized, unless you’ve been worn down by drugs, sleeplessness and other torture methods!

My web site has all the info you could possibly desire about your questions.  You’ll find articles on how hypnosis works on the Articles page.  If you scroll down the Q & A's on Ask Del, you will get a lot of info on what hypnosis is and is not, as well.  Good luck.






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