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Didn't Get My Money's Worth


Del, Will I still get charged next time I come to see you, even if I was feeling upset last session and never got hypnotized? I took a lot of work to get that (fee) which I wanted for help, but didn’t receive, unfortunately. I came to you to cure my phobia shyness and self-esteem, which Is working!):


Let’s see: You are upset because you don’t feel you were hypnotized, and yet you say your shyness and self-esteem are better.  When people ask me how they will know they are hypnotized I tell them they won’t know in this office. The only way they will know is if it works!

Despite you feeling you weren’t hypnotized, it seems to be working for you.

People may feel they weren’t hypnotized when they are.  It is a misunderstanding to think that you will always go so deep you can’t hear me, or the like.  This is not like the movies and television and stage hypnosis.  I explained this in the interview DVD I had you watch, and our later discussion. Hypnosis is not just about ME doing something, it’s also about you RECEIVING.  I can’t control that part of our time together.  I try my best to do what will, hopefully, work for you. 

As for the session and money, I’m charging for my time with you.  I spend a lot of time before your session and during your session to help you the best way I can.  Are you saying that I should not be paid for my time, because you didn’t feel what you feel you should have felt?  When you go to a medical doctor, do you ask for your money back if he (or she) doesn’t “heal” you, or do you understand that the doctor is doing the best for you? It may or may not work for you.  I am a doctor of the “mind” and I never can guarantee that my clients will always get what they want.  There is no way that can be guaranteed.  I can guarantee only that I will do my best, using all of the resources I’ve learned – that’s my 50% of the bargain.  I cannot guarantee your 50%.

There’s no way a person can be hypnotized if you don’t want to be. Whether or not you "felt" it, your improvement says otherwise.





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