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Depression? or Epstien Barr?


          My wife suffers from numerous conditions including depression, post-traumatic stress, insomnia, social anxiety, low self-esteem, problems with sleeping, and one doctor even tried to say she was borderline bi-polar.  Stress is the primary trigger of depressive moods, as well as overly tired.  She has treated with medications for 5 years with little to no results, she has been treated for Epstein Barr Virus which seemed to give the greatest results, but they seem to be back. What can hypnotherapy do for her? 


     This is a tricky one, because there are not a lot of hypnotherapists who handle such issues.  I find that in my own area, that I am one of the few who does.  Because I have experienced much of what your wife is experiencing I specialize in depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue.  I know it can be helped by a combination of hypnosis and counseling.  Also, she might find it very helpful to see a homeopathic/naturopathic doctor to help get some of her energy back.      

     Many hypnotherapists are afraid to deal with such things as depression (of which your wife has all the signs), because they have not been trained in working with it, and are, therefore, unqualified to do so. However, there are some well trained therapists around, if you search.  The best are those who are counselors as well as hypnotherapists, especially those who have had advanced hypnotic training and experience.  Since it is still your wife who must agree to working with a therapist, you might suggest that, together, you schedule a brief free consultation with a qualified hypnotherapist. This way, your wife can experience whether she will feel comfortable with the therapist.  In the light of what your wife is experiencing, this is especially important.  






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