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Child Soiling Himself


     Dear Del, I’m a Hypnotherapist and don’t often get to work with small children. However I am now seeing a young 6 year old who was born without nerve ganglions in his bowel. which means that he does not have peristalsis, he is extremely challenged in what he can eat, as it either goes straight through him or he gets impacted, after several operations and a colostomy bag up to the age of 2 he has had the colostomy reversed. The specialists have now said that he has normal function but he is still soiling himself.

     So far I have done the Worry Tree you’ve suggested in one of your books, and the Magic Garden, using a wizard called Renaldo (after his favourite football player). This has given him confidence and has switched the switch on in the control room in his mind for his brain to tell him he needs to go. He also received a magic stone and a rhyme he says for the magic stone to help him stay clean. This worked for four days after I saw him the first time, then he went back to square one. Renaldo gave him some stronger magic and a stronger magic stone.

     I’m due to see him soon, and am not sure how to proceed to help this little boy. Do you have any suggestions please. He has a care-giver at school who has to take him to the toilet every two hours. I think she may have said what we have done is silly and it won’t work because it would mean he no longer needs her. Hope you can help.



I’m impressed with the great ideas you’ve already used on this child. He should have responded by now.  However, If he’s been having assistance such a long time from people who have to get him to the toilet, this may be an unconscious way of keeping attention, which he will not get once he learns to get to the loo by himself.  You’ve done everything you can probably do. If he hasn’t quit by now, it might work to have everyone leave him alone and put him in pull-up pants where he has to live in the dirty pants, or clean them himself – or just stop going in them. In other words, encourage his parents (and them to get the school) to take away the attention, and he may decide it’s not worth doing this any more.

      The only thing I haven’t noticed (from your list) is to adapt the Problem-Solving script (where you get the deeper mind to seek out whatever imprints are causing him to go in his pants – physical, mental, it doesn’t matter which. And to change those imprints into the bigger boy he is now.)  Also, you could talk to the age he was when he started having trouble, telling it that he is now 4 and by age 4 little boys and girls are “dry.”  They go to the toilet instead of in their pants, etc.    By now, this has become a habit – or a pile-up of imprints. It has become an imbedded habit just like anything else one learns to do.  


The problem-solve is in Volume IV of Great Escapes; one of the versions is for the younger child. Good luck and Let me know how you do.








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