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Career Path Preparation


     I am currently going through a turning point in life.  I have been released from the military, and I now need to make decisions on what path to take for my future.  Some of my options include returning to school, vocational rehabilitation, or just finding a job. I'm an introvert with occasional spurts of openness. I like to remain quiet and not draw a lot of attention, but this also limits my interaction with others. I'm a little shy toward going back to school due to previous failures in education and a lack of knowing education-wise where I want to go. Can I use hypnosis as a way to knock down a few stumbling blocks toward being more open with people, clarity of thought concerning potential work or future career, motivation, and elimination of anxiety?



     Thanks for writing to me about your situation.  First of all, look at your “returning to school” as “furthering your education,” so that you don’t get “stuck” in old images of your previous schooling.  Understand that you are now a different person, older and wiser, and with far more experience than you had in those early days of education.

      I have helped many students become better at sticking with your studies, having more focus, reading better, remembering more, and passing tests with flying colors.  And all of it very successfully done with hypnosis.  

      Hypnosis is especially helpful in assisting a person to become more confident within themselves, building a deeper sense of self-esteem.  A qualified hypnotherapist who is especially skilled at getting to the root of problems, like lack of confidence, is just the right person for you. 

      As to what you'll do in the future, many times the hypnotherapist can help by giving suggestions about your decision-making, releasing your creativity, etc.  And I have also found that just being willing to be hypnotized can open up much more of your own resources for clarifying and making the proper decision.










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