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Can Hypnosis Help with Stage Fright?

I have a terrible problem. I am not able to read out loud in class. I can read very well in private but I'm literally unable to read out loud in front of other people, my voice goes all shaky and I can't breathe. I've had this problem for the past four years. Somehow I've managed to avoid reading until now but now there are extra classes such as drama etc, and it's becoming a really big problem. I think I have a phobia of reading in public or something. I was wondering if hypnosis would work? DEAR DEL, I have a strong belief and respect for hypnosis, even thought I've never had an occasion to use it. I have a problem that I wonder if you can help me with, concerning emotions that overtake me and my voice, when I do any kind of speaking to a group. This happens also when I have any serious conversation, or am trying to express gratitude. My voice totally fails me due to emotion overtaking me. I'm not aware of any emotional problems related to this, but it's getting worse. My mother had this same problem. Do you feel your counseling and hypnosis could help me with this?

Most certainly, hypnosis can help with this type of problem, even if it does run in the family. Personally, I believe that a lot of stage fright begins in the early school years when children are expected to give correct answers aloud to their teachers, in front of their classmates, or are expected to present something in front of the class even if they are extremely shy. I've handled a lot of people who have "stage fright", whether it is before groups, or with one or two people. A good many of them are professional and successful in everything else in their lives except this area. Hypnosis can help get at the cause of the problem, it can release it, it can get rid of blocks to you speaking well, and it can give you needed confidence when speaking. Some people have the ability to work with the 'Chakras" of the body. These are particular energy centers in the body. One of them is the "throat" Chakra. Perhaps there is something blocking your energy at that area, that needs release. Some therapists have the ability to work with regression, which allows the client to go back in time to when the problem began, and to release that "trigger."





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