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Can Hypnosis Help Me Stop Smoking?

I am researching the feasibility of using hypnotherapy to help me to stop smoking. Do you offer this type of service? If so, what is involved? I'm just a little nervous. I've smoked for over 20 years now and as much as I do want to quit I have a hard time imagining what it would be like not to smoke anymore. In terms of percentages, what do you think my chances are that it will work?

Hypnosis is very affective in helping a person stop smoking or chewing tobacco. My own program is called "Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight." It includes two sessions, plus a booster should you ever need it within the year following (very few do). First session is 1-1/2 hours or more and includes an intake to know what will work best in terms of the suggestions I would create, just for you. Then we do some hypnosis designed to clear any imprints that might in any way cause the issue or block it's resolution. The second session is totally hypnosis, with the focus on quitting without gaining weight. I've been doing this for 14 years and have a large "kit bag", so my success rate is very good. Here is how I break down my success rate: 30% walk out of the office as if they had never been smokers. 30% walk out, remembering that they were smokers, but they find it easy to make the switch to non-smoker. 30% walk out remembering, and find themselves having to be more conscious, only for a little while, of saying NO. So, they struggle just a little longer than the others. They may use the Booster session, but not always. All 90% become non-smokers. So you see how high your chances are of winning!? Now, about the other 10%. They break down to this: With about 5-6% or maybe even higher - They NEED the booster. I use that time to talk to the Smoker Self, while the client is in hypnosis, to find out what the block is. Usually it's something as simple as "It's going too fast; give me another week!" The client WIN'S! They win, because they've made a contract with themselves (the Conscious and Unconscious) and agreed on a time to quit. The other 4-5% may have consciously wanted to quit, but their unconscious mind is rebelling and saying that it doesn't want to. Those are the ones who don't call back for a Booster, and may even decide not to go through with the second session. You see what a small percentage that is, and what a LARGE percentage it is that is able to stop by using hypnosis.





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