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Better Golfing


I'm enquiring for my husband who has talked about looking into hynosis for his golf game, although improving scores and performance is something we'd both be interested in. First of all, he is struggling with "standing over the ball too long before he hits".  He plays extremely slow and while his scores are OK, the frustration anybody who plays with him has, because of the time he takes to hit the ball, reached an all time high.  We just returned from a weekend with some friends.  After six rounds of golf, the guys were very frustrated; he was frustrated with himself for not being able to play faster and also frustrated with everyone else for being clearly frustrated with him – a vicious circle.  Anyway, I'm not sure you can help with this kind of issue. Our friends aren't trying to be rude, but even I have exhausted my patience on the situation.  My husband thinks that perhaps some type of hypnosis, since he hasn't been able to develop a routine to help himself.  Del, let me know what you think.


One of my specialties is athletics, golf and precision skills - in fact I've written, for other therapists, two volumes of resources about these.  I have had two golfers (male and female) get 3 hole-in-ones after 15-20 years of playing golf. Although I can't guarantee that for everyone, most golfers who come to me are able to reduce their scores by 10 points, at the very least.  I work with confidence-building, having a more consistent game, being comfortable playing with others, and improving every individual aspect of the game. For your husband, such skills and style changes automatically would speed up his game, as well as give him many other benefits.





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