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Becoming a Hypnotherapist

I was wondering if there is any information that you may have on becoming trained and certified in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

I'm delighted you are thinking of such a career. However, I don't know where you are in terms of education completed, so I'll answer as if you had finished High School. Probably each person you speak to will tell you something differently. All I can suggest is what I, myself, have found to be very effective. If you're going to college, take psychology courses, as many as you are able, including a course on counseling. Also, it helps to get some basic sociology. The best type of hypnotherapy training, I feel, is a full year (150 credits) as a beginning. Avoid the quick weekend courses that promise you certification as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. You need more education that just being able to get someone into a hypnotic trance. Later, you can add to your education by taking special courses in specialized problems that a hypnotherapist faces. I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and now a Master's degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. But not every HT has to have that much education to be a good therapist. It just gives you a bigger "tool-kit" to draw upon when you are trying to deal with people's problems. It is good to talk to a number of HT's to find out how long they've been practicing and whether it is difficult to make a business of it. I found it took me 3 years before I had a full-time clientele. But others may not take that long. I've now been practicing for over 15 years, FULL-TIME, and still love doing it It's been my experience that many who are trained do not continue in this profession, or else do a small part-time business, because they don't know anything about running a business or doing marketing. They make the mistake of thinking that if they just train to be good therapists, that's all it takes. I suggest you take some courses on basic business management and marketing, and even get some experience working in an office. This will help you a lot in creating any kind of business. Remember, not everyone is the kind of person who can run their own business. It's very helpful to "know yourself." If you go to my web site you'll find a lot of information on hypnosis itself, including the sections "For the Therapist" and "Ask Del" with the articles on both, having to do with studying HT and making HT a successful business. I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck!





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