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Allergies in Children

Do you have any "good" scripts/ideas/techniques for removing allergies from children?

Due to time constraints, these are off the top of my head: For air allergies - a visualization that puts child into a garden filled with all kinds of flowers and weeds, and trees, and grasses, with the child thrilled to be in her own special place, where she can do anything and go anywhere safely with joy, happiness, and good health. Get in those feelings early in the visualization so you don't have any reactions. For animal allergies - a visualization in which the child has a pet, where they romp together, and go for walks together, and finally sit side by side on a river bank, with arm around the animal. For food allergies - going on an adventure down a path where the child comes upon a castle, and is invited in. Inside the castle is a great dining hall with kings and queens, princes and princesses, and she is the head guest. The table is laden with foods from all over the world. They look and smell wonderful. And there is nothing she can't eat and enjoy. And everyone there is so delighted she has joined them and likes their food so much. Despite some people's concerns that fears might increase when a client is placed in a visualization, I have found that children in an altered state generally have none of the fears that they might have otherwise. However, if there were to be an abreaction of some kind, simply bring the child back slowly, and have them breathe easily, and their physical comfort restored (I very much doubt that this would be necessary.) By the way, I'd make sure the parent(s) watch their language and caution others around the child to do so. So many allergy-prone children, I feel, are a direct result of too much talk about having allergies to this or that. As you might guess, children pick up such comments strongly. They believe the adults!





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