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Taking Care of Yourself

Fitness: Find a way to do, daily, some regular moderate body movement, such as walking, swimming, dancing or other body activities that exercise the muscles and ligaments. Remember that 5 minutes is better than "no" minutes; one block better than none.
Nutrition: Ensure adequate calcium and potassium, use less salt and fats, and increase fruits and vegetables. Read labels to get as natural foods as possible, avoiding unnatural chemicals, dyes and other harmful additives as much as you can.

Healthy Habits: Cut back alcohol, colas and coffees to a minimum. If you smoke, decide to quit. Go to a hypnotherapist and/or acupuncturist to help you to do so. If you haven't had success with the regular medical profession in solving some physical issue, be willing to go to a complementary physician such as a naturopath, homeopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, etc.

Positive Thinking: How you think is what you become. Train yourself to see every situation as a learning experience. If caught in a negative or cynical cycle, tell that part of yourself to take a rest for awhile and allow you to enjoy life. Call forth the parts of yourself that love, have humor and like fun. At the end of each day, determine to discern every positive thing, no matter how small, and be thankful. If you need help with this, don't be afraid to ask. Be with people who uplift you - and get to a counselor or counseling hypnotherapist!

Scheduling: If your life seems too stressful, take time to think through the decisions you have made and the actions you are taking related to them. Look at your week's schedule. How many things do you do that are automatic, but perhaps really are not needed any more? If you decided you are as important as anyone you work with, or live with, what would you be willing to cut back on, or live without?

Relationships: If you tend to blame others for the difficulties you are having, at home or at work (school), be willing to think through how you, yourself, can make changes that will affect, in a positive way, the various relationships you have. If you are being worn down or "torn apart" by any relationship, ask yourself why you keep it. Is it necessary to you, in some way? Is there another way you can relate to it, or change it?

Willingness to Change: All of us human beings get stuck in particular comfort zones we set up for ourselves. They may not "feel" comfortable, but they are safer than risking ourselves in unknown territory. Be willing to change! That's the first step. If you find that hard to do, then start saying the mantra: "I'm willing to change. I'm willing to let go of anything that keeps me from changing," until something new breaks through in your life. Be daring enough to write down what you want for yourself, even if it seems "way out in left field."

Going Deeper: Consider taking up something like Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi or another reflective activity at least once a week. Not only does it help you deal with stress, it allows you to delve into life more profoundly; and it can transform the way you view things and take action. Find a way to "retreat" once a year to further this reflection. Find out what groups are available where people take the time to grow in their spiritual dimensions. If you haven't taken any classes to further your education, in a very long time, why not do so at your local community college? It keeps your mind young and alive.

Quick Stress Relief
Shiatsu Points
Inhale/Exhale as you do each of the following pressure points, by using both of your forefingers. (If in a position where you can only use one hand, then do each side by alternating, or one full side and then the other.)
1. EYEBROW POINTS - outer edges
3. UNDER THE EYES - mid cheekbone
4. UNDER THE NOSE - in indentation
5. UNDER THE BOTTOM LIP - indent above the chin
Repeat 2-3 times.

The 3-Breath Stress-Buster
When that driver cuts in front of you, you just get to the crossing when the light turns red, you have to wait in what seems like an incredibly long line, or someone in your family or at work (or school) upsets you, practice the following:
Take 3 deep breaths -
slowing each one down by
counting 6 on the inhale
counting 4 while holding your breath
counting 6 on the exhale
(When comfortable, increase to 8-6-8)




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