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Our Inner Wisdom or Super Intelligence

Thomas Nicoli, PhD., CH

We have within us a super intelligence. That which maintains our functions, is our diagnostic center for illness and disease and is at the base of all we are and can be. This is our subconscious, which is connected to the energy of the universe and it holds all the answers to all our questions.

We are continuously looking outward for the answers to all our problems, struggling with frustration and impatience for the answers never seem to come. Once we learn that all the answers to our problems and questions in life lie within, within that super intelligence, that inner genius we all have available to us, life's problems seem to fade with ease. While at the same time, we gain a tolerance and acceptance for those things that once seemed so overwhelming and demanding. Remember it was written, "Ask and you will receive" ... "The answers are within."

The metaphor for this is we see the tree, however, the tree's life system is supported by its' root system. That which is unseen, buried beneath the ground. The trees growth is not effected by its' maze of branches and twigs nor the leaves or blossoming flowers. If the roots do not receive nourishment, they die and rot and so follows the tree. We as humans are just as the tree. A living part of nature functioning in the same manner. Remove nourishment to the internal control center, our mind, which is produced through positive thought, the "tree" rots and dies.

We all know that the person we truly are is not the outer self, that which is seen, but who and what we are internally, deep inside. Our beauty is manifested by our thoughts and actions. The quintessential living example of this was Mother Theresa. Though she may have never graced the cover of a fashion or beauty magazine, she influenced millions of people through her generous and unselfish thoughts and actions, which is what made her one of the most beautiful people of our time.

Through positive thought and actions of love and kindness, while surrendering selfishness, impatience, doubt, resentment, prejudice, contempt and all decaying negative emotion, we are then able to nourish our personal root system. To grow healthy and beautiful as all things, from the inside out. Then and only then will you become a positive influence on yourself, your family, your community and the world you live in which in turn will influence you and your life in all the ways you desire.

Thomas Nicoli, PhD., CH
Tom Nicoli, PhD, CH
A Better You Hypnosis, Inc.
www.Prosperusa.com; 781-938-7779





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