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Making Changes and Healing for the Small Child

The Magic Flashlight
In their imagination the child can look inside their head with a flashlight (or the rest of their body), and find the loose or broken wire that caused the problem.  Then they find a way to repair it.

Role Playing
Child uses dolls or stuffed animals in which the child becomes a "doctor" healing their problem spot, first with a doll or animal and then with his or her self.

The Worry Tree
A bare-branched tree either painted on the wall or on a sheet of paper, on which the child can place a leaf with their problem printed on it.  When the problem is solved, they remove the leaf, or "drop" it to the "ground" under the tree. The child can also choose a tree from their own yard as their "worry" tree, where they drop off their problems before entering the house.

The Bottom of the Sea
Child climbs on the back of a whale or swims with dolphins which plunge to the bottom of the sea where they find a treasure chest in which lies the answer to their problem.

The Magic Stone
A small chest of shiny colored "magic" stones. Child chooses one that looks like it will "heal" and gently rubs it across the painful area, saying, 3 times, I'm all better!"

Child takes the stone home to use whenever they need to get rid of the pain or other problem.

The Magic Finger
Ideally, buy the small-size rubber fingers and have on hand to give one to a child as their magic finger.  They can put this on and place their finger on the spot that needs healing.

Ceiling Stars
For children who have trouble sleeping at night, or who are afraid of the dark, these stars shine in the dark.  They can be put on the ceiling for the child to look at for comfort.  If within the religious sentiment of the parents, the child can be reminded that an angel is behind each star watching over them.

The Magic Pen (or Pencil)
For the child having trouble learning to write, having difficulty in creating sentences, or even passing tests, the magic pen or pencil will help their ideas flow onto paper.





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