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Hypnotherapy Offers the Freedom to Fulfill Your Dreams

Chrysta Anderson

Hypnotherapy Offers the Freedom to Fulfill Your Dreams

Last month we celebrated the anniversary of our freedom from an oppressive government.  For over two centuries we have had freedom from unlawful governmental restraint.  We have gained many related freedoms such that we can now choose to do, have and be whatever we want.

The new frontier before us is to gain our full inner freedom, freedom from oppressive thoughts we have inherited from our personal and cultural history at this point in time.

What we all know at some level is that freedom is a state of mind.  It lives in our thoughts.  The choice is always ours to pick up the reins of thought and determine what we will create: the life we envision or the life we inherited.  Our dreams, our greater possibilities as individuals are generated by the focus of our attention.

Think of the POW stories, the prisoner who practiced golf in his mind while he was imprisoned, and played better golf on his release than he had before capture.  In a metaphorical sense, we choose every moment whether to practice golf or grieve our circumstances.

Knowing that our thoughts create our reality, why aren’t we all living our wildest dreams?  How is it that so many of us fail to create the wealth we desire, the resource we need to fulfill those dreams?  Consider for a moment your own wildest dream, your heart’s greatest desire.  What would you need to fulfill it?

Success requires above all else understanding how the mind works.  Your mind is like an iceberg. Your conscious critical mind is akin to the 10% of the iceberg that shows above water. Your non-conscious mind is akin to the 90% of the iceberg that lies below water—the part that sank the Titanic!

The non conscious mind has incredible horsepower (about 1000 times more than the conscious mind), yet that horsepower is more frequently used by your programmed thoughts to keep the status quo, regardless of your New Years’ resolutions. To create something new you must engage your non-conscious mind so it arrives on the same page as your conscious mind, aligned on the same goal.  Otherwise the grandest goals ignite a war in your mind that has a predictable outcome: business as usual, because your non-conscious mind wins hands down!

Hypnotherapy is a tool of choice here, because it allows you to harness the power of your non conscious mind to serve your dreams and goals actively.  By definition, Hypnotherapy allows direct access to your non-conscious mind where your present programming lives. Since your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and what you visualize, you have the power in this deeper state of mind to re-program yourself.

Self hypnosis, a relaxed state of deeper mind, is easy to use for any purpose, any goal, any dream you can imagine.  Hypnosis is a natural state of a human. We go into trance spontaneously about 200 times a day.  For example driving without noticing our freeway exit, watching TV, daydreaming are all expressions of the hypnotic state.  It is a natural state of refreshment, like a drink of water for the mind.

Following are some ways you can use self hypnosis (by yourself), or hypnotherapy with a professional, to create the life you envision:

·       Identify Your Personal Mission or Goal.  Repetition of your mission in a hypnotic state (a deeper state of mind) plants it directly in your non-conscious mind, so your deeper mind can search for things that match your goals and bring them to your conscious awareness.

·       Discover Your Destiny. If you have a vague sense of your destiny but desire specific information about it, visit your deeper mind to learn more about you.

·       Practice Living Your Dream Fulfilled. In a relaxed state of mind, imagine every small detail of your dream fulfilled—where you live, what your day looks like, how you feel as that dream fulfilled etc. 

·       Improve Your Skills. Practice performance of any skill in your mind and watch it improve in reality. Improve your musical abilities (instrumental or vocal), your athletic ability, public speaking or teaching, or rehearse for an important meeting.

·       Expand Your Inspiration. If you have an inspiration, focus on it in a deeper state of mind and receive more information about it.

·       Talk with Your Symptom. If you have a symptom, physical, mental or emotional, you can receive its communication and use the energy to create something new.

·       Reduce Chronic Pain. Learn to control pain through visualization.

·       Release Fear. Identify the thoughts that stop your expression and release them.

·       Habit Change. Change habits that no longer serve you: Stop smoking and start feeling; release weight and experience freedom; release sabotage patterns and create success.

Hypnotherapy can be the strongest ally to your heart’s desire.  Learn to change your mind and change your results in life—in business, relationships and finances. External freedom was won many years ago. Now we have the opportunity to learn to use our minds to access the fruits of our inner freedom.

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