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Five Steps for Emotional Freedom

Five Steps for Emotional Freedom – Formula TRUTH

By Roberta Swartz

Happy July to everyone! Since this month celebrates our nation’s independence, let’s explore the topic of emotional freedom or emotional independence for creating greater personal health and happiness.

Whenever we are in a process of change, there are two main areas to establish. The first part is that the old ways or ideas must be questioned. With this in mind I’d like to pose the following questions for you to ponder: Why do we have feelings or emotions in the first place? What purpose do they serve?

If we take a look at the emotion of anger as an example, many people have been taught that anger is wrong and must be avoided at all costs. This is a terrible mistake because even anger is a natural response, one that serves a purpose. Then, what purpose does anger serve? It serves as a means of protection. We become angry when there is some kind of threat in our immediate environment that we are hoping to scare away. This threat can be real or it can simply be perceived. Even a perceived threat is powerful enough to change the physical responses in our body. Our voice may grow louder, adrenaline floods into our body, our heart begins to beat faster and so on. This is a built in mechanism commonly referred to as the flight or fight response. All animals have this natural ability and yes, it does serve a necessary purpose, that of either running away from the treat or fighting it. Since neither of these options are appropriate in our society, many people are taught to stuff their anger away.

The second part is to create a new goal or a new idea to take the place of the old idea. For example, rather than thinking that anger is wrong and should be avoided, the new idea can be, “Anger is neither right or wrong, nor good or bad. Anger is natural and it serves a purpose.” Rather than denying our feelings and stuffing them away, we can learn to work with our feelings, our instincts, constructively. When we do, life changes for the better in many ways including that of supporting greater health.

Formula TRUTH for Dealing with a Current Problem

T – Think about the situation and how or why it is difficult for you. What is the threat? Is it real or is it perceived? What are you afraid might happen? What do you want to happen?
R – Recall past experiences that are similar to what you are facing now, ones that may be influencing your feelings in the present time.
U – Understand how the past is different from the present and choose to respond in the present time to the current situation.
T – Travel to your heart. What are your feelings in the present moment and why?
H – Honor yourself and your feelings.

Do your best to work with your feelings. Rather than stuffing them away, become aware of your feelings. Instead of placing judgment upon them, find acceptance of these feelings. See if you can figure out what your feelings are telling you. Find a healthy way to express them or put them into action. Honor the other person and let them be responsible for their own behaviors, actions and words.


Emotional Intelligence – July, Newsletter (Excerpts from "Me, Myself and Mind")

--You can reach author, Roberta Swartz, by going to her web site at  http://www.hypnosis4yourlife.com





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