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7 Values of Using Scripts

Del Hunter Morrill, M.S., N.B.C.C.H.

1. Well-crafted scripts are especially helpful in adding information to the broader bank of one’s memory.  The language and concepts of the scripts become a natural part of the therapist’s automatic tool kit. It becomes easier, then, to pull what is needed from one’s intuitions. 

2. A script provides an excellent launch into responses that are more intuitive.  A therapist might begin with a script, and then build a cadenza of poetic description, or take off on a wonderful excursion of the imagination.

3. Our daily intuitional level is not always as sharp as we might like it to be.  When faced with special challenges, scripts help us in those situations when we seem to “draw a blank.”

4. Related to unexpected issues, well-written scripts provide more profoundness and be more “on target” than we might be prepared for on such occasions. We are not always able to conjure up, out of our own creative abilities, the most helpful language and content.

5. There are many times in a practice when an issue appears for which our experience limits us.  Someone else’s experience, in script form, can be helpful in adding to our own range of ability, allowing us to respond to a greater diversity of problems.

6. Carefully worded suggestions, in a script form, help us avoid the trap of inadvertently using language that may be less than helpful.

7. Every day is not a great day for a therapist, just as it is not for any other human being.  There are days we do not feel well, feel distant or removed, tired, or any of the other mental and physical responses we are capable of experiencing.  Scripts can be helpful when we are not “up-to-par”. 

In summary, scripts help us recall what we know and to discern what we need to do in a great variety of situations, many of them difficult. This provides the therapist with a larger “kit-bag,” and the greatest possibility of our clients finding their own healing. 

--Del Hunter Morrill, Personal Guide & Hypnotherapist





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